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About the village

Wadi Fuqeen is a peaceful village of 1,200 people and is situated almost directly on the 'Green Line' in the occupied West Bank.

It lies in a rich agricultural valley, but with the Israeli town of Tsoor Haddasa overlooking it on one side and the illegal settlement of Beitar Illit, with a growing population, now exceeding 20,000, fast encroaching from the other.

The 'separation wall' is now mapped to isolate the village from the West Bank, with loss of land, livelihood and basic human rights. Two other nearby villages are in a similar position.

The villagers' future security and livelihood is very strongly compromised by the separation wall. They will effectively be imprisoned and Wadi Fuqeen will be isolated from neighbouring villages, Bethlehem and the rest of the West Bank, causing severe hardship and deprivation. This threatens the village's very existence.

The wall around the village may take the form of a fence, although no one is yet totally sure what precise form it will take. It may well end up being a wall - every section of which is so far twice as high as the Berlin wall.

An associated closed 'buffer zone' could be over 200 metres wide and will trap the village in a thin corridor on the floor of the valley. Community expansion will be impossible. We have chosen to twin with this village.
However, what is happening to it is echoed all over the West Bank. Many others face similar problems.
Indeed, some face even greater difficulties.

  • Wadi Fuqeen's population is 1200
  • It is located 8 miles south of Bethlehem
  • Its produce includes olives, almonds and citrus fruit

So, please do read on to learn more about some of the problems facing
our adopted village.

We regret that you will not see many people in the pictures on this website
but we have been asked not to show faces in case specific people are
harassed or persecuted as a result of our actions.

You will, however, find that the pictures tell more than a thousand words can.

You can see some pictures of the village in our gallery, while others are posted on the various pages of this website. Others still can be seen in this Aljazeera article: "In Pictures: Village fights for survival."

Wadi Fuqeen

Map of Wadi Fuqeen

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