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Working for a just and sustainable future for the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqeen

The kindergarten

The Kindergarten at Wadi Fuqeen is based within a new two-storey building that
was financed by the international Christian relief and development charity,
World Vision.

Wadi Fuqeen kindergarten
The kindergarten built by World Vision
The construction of the building gave many unemployed and
hard-pressed local workers a very welcome opportunity to earn
some income.

The building work was completed about five years ago, but it was only
furnished with the necessary equipment and furniture a few months
later due to lack of resources. The furniture and fittings were eventually
also donated by World Vision and the International Relief Fund for
Afflicted and Needy
(IRFAN), a Canadian non-governmental organisation.
A central heating system was installed in the building at around the
same time.

The Kindergarten provides nursery education for 46 children aged between
four and six years. The children attend the nursery six days a week from 8 am
until 12:30 pm. They are taught a wide variety of different subjects under the
constant supervision of the staff. They also play games.

The staff contingent consists of a headmistress and two teachers who are
specialists within the child care sector. The Kindergarten also has a housekeeper
who undertakes the cleaning and associated organisational matters. All staff are
residents of the village.

Due to the high levels of unemployment and the difficulties of travelling within the Bethlehem area, it is becoming harder and harder for the villagers to find the money to cover the Kindergarten's running costs.

Indeed, villagers are under constant pressure to meet funding requirements, which include staff salaries and other additional expenses, such as water, electricity and heating. As a result, the nursery initiative is constantly threatened with closure.

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