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Working for a just and sustainable future for the Palestinian village of Wadi Fuqeen

Demolition orders

Several Wadi Fuqeen residents have been served with demolition and
Palestinian terraces threatened by Israeli land grabs
Israeli demolition orders have been placed upon houses, water wells, agricultural terraces (as above) and trees
evacuation orders.

Separate demolition and removal orders were served by the Israeli authorities
in March 2005, February 2005 and November 2004 relating to one house, three
water wells, terraces, rock walls and over 600 trees.

The water wells, built by villagers, with funds from the EU, are part of a
World Vision
reclamation project to rehabilitate agricultural lands in order to help
residents gain a source of income from farming.

Similar orders were issued in April 2004 on other wells, terraces and reclaimed
lands when dunams of land were appropriated.

In total, more than 30 new notifications have been received affecting several families.

What is the reasoning behind this and is there any justification?

These orders have not been placed on families because anyone has been involved in suicide bombings or other violence. They are part of an Israeli plan to grab land and
force the indigenous people to leave.

If the orders are not complied with, or a legal appeal not lodged in time, the Israeli
Authorities will carry out the demolitions at disproportionate expense to the villagers.

Yet, we believe that, as an occupying military authority, Israel has no legal right to order these demolitions.

The houses are in Palestinian territory and occupying powers are not supposed to impose new structures and laws on an occupied population.

And, even if it were the case that these people had been involved in violent acts or suicide bombings, international law says that it would be illegal to demolish their homes.

This is because collective punishments are not allowed. You cannot punish whole families, extended families or friends just because one person has been violent. It is not correct to leave everyone homeless.

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