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Apartheid Wall

Lots of village land has been 'expropriated' over the years.

Apartheid Wall around Bethlehem
A section of the Apartheid Wall similar to this one at the entrance to Bethlehem will squeeze Wadi Fuqeen against the Israeli settlements
More has now
been taken to build the 'Apartheid Wall'. Israel says this action is for
'security purposes'.

The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions (ICAHD) keep especially
close track of what is happening there because of the recent demolition orders
on houses, trees, rock terraces, walls and water wells.

This is why we are suggesting that people look at their website:
They have some good background material and it saves re-inventing the wheel.

The villagers' freedom of movement (and therefore work opportunities) are
getting more and more restricted. Losing a large proportion of those lands
will cause severe hardship for many, many of the village's residents.

On the plus side, Friends of the Earth (Middle East), based in Tel Aviv,
have picked up the case about the Wall being erected right around the village
and separating the village and the nearby village Tsoor Haddassa.

There is currently another court case underway about the Wall around another
village, called Walaja, and it looks like they may win on the grounds that it is
a place of significant archaeological importance. This argument could also be
applied to Wadi Fuqeen.

However, the Israeli Government is going to build houses for thousands more
people in the nearby settlement of Beitar Illit. The Israeli Ministry of Housing
recently announced the opening of the latest tender - to contractors to construct
72 new units in Beitar Illit.

This settlement will be surrounded by fences to be 'protected' from Arabs who live in the village!

Even if Wadi Fuqeen were surrounded by a fence rather than a wall, this would still create a huge barrier and take up a lot of land area. 

This will give you an idea of the future of this village - how it is soon going to be a big prison encircled completely by walls and fences.

If you would like more detailed information on the proposals for the wall in Wadi Fuqeen, please click here to read what Friends of the Earth Middle East say.

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